If you have a high quality guitar,
not a fret buzz where it's like if you're just playing that single note it buzzes,
but like if you're playing a chord, or if you do an action of some sort and you hear a buzz.. like say a double bar chord or something.. I donno.. Is it because you just suck at the technique?
mmmh what guitar is it?

it could be your technique, or you should get more power in your hand to get those chords...
but I don't really understand what kind of buzz you're talking about
By buzz, do you mean buzzing from your strings, or from the pickups? If it's on the strings, go down a gauge in strings and PRACTICE! If it's the pickups/electricals, you might have an earthing problem or some loose connections. If it's just something loose, you can probably resolder it yourself if you are handy with a soldering iron. If it's bad earthing, you might need to take it back to where you bought it from, and see if they will correctly earth it for you.