Ok, ive been wondering for a while now.

1. Whats the deal with Horgh? I mean, everytime he's mentioned, people scream randomly "HOOORRGH!" And i just want to know the relevance. And i am serious.

2. ____ Ist Krieg? What on earth does Ist krieg mean? and whats the joke?

3. Kvlt. What does it mean?

And yes, i am fairly new to metal.
First one: All I can say to that is: HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORGH!

Second: Krieg is german for war. There is a BM-classic called Black Metal Ist Krieg (black metal is war) by Nargaroth. And since war usually means whole lot os slaughter, carnage and death, it's something good. Since then, krieg has been used to describe good things.

Third: It's just another way to write Cult.
Ah...so Krieg ist Krieg....
Thanks. However, how did i know u would say "HOOOOORRGGHH!!!" ?lol

Come on, i really wanna know what the deal is with that. I heard something about he couldnt speak english so he would just scream his name....
1) Everyone says Horgh's name at great length because he is funny
2) Ist Krieg comes from the Nargoroth "Black metal ist Krieg" album, and is used as a light hearted piss take at black metal
3) Kvlt is also a light hearted piss take at black metal, the word is used to describe anything underground or stereotypically black metal