ive aready posted this on the TAB TALK forum but no-one is replyin so........

Is there anyone that has a bass tab for this great song.

I tried for ages to tab it myself by ear but its real hard so if any1 can post a tab it would be much appreciated as i cant find it anywhere.

There are a few other Blur songs that i need the Bass tab of like:

Clover Over Dover
No Distance left to run

if anyone has them plz post them to me!

i suggest you dload some of there music if u r not familiar with this amazing british band.

One song you mite of heard of is the woohoo song (song2).

Anyway here is a live version of the song i need the bass tab of
I guess in the end the bass forum will have to assume the responsibility of tabbing out bass stuff as well........Why can't any other forum adjust to incorporate more bassisms?