I have finally found myself a tube amp... at a great price

I found someone selling an ampeg r-12r reverbrocket... for 200cdn!!!

the only problem is that the amp cuts in, and cuts out sometimes. (the seller says it might be a problem with the tubes, or a grounding problem)

Im just wondering if the amp can be fixed somehow, and how much it would roughly cost.

Thanks a bunch
Now im no tube expert seeing as I dont currently own a tube amp (but soon will :-) but if its a tube problem it could cost anywhere from id say 50 to over a hundred dollars. If it is a grounding problem it would be my guess that that would be a simple fix (electricity 101). It does sound like a tube problem though. I once found a gorilla amp on someones curb and decided to pick it up, only to find out that it did the same thing that yours does...it faded in and out and sometimes the thing just wouldnt turn on. Id go ahead and take it in to your friendly neighborhood guitar shop and let them diagnose it. From there all you would need is a little bit o cash