Can anyone point me to replicating his tone from the Stray Cats era please. Amp settings for gain,treble,mid and bass please. Which pick up should I select? I have an Epi Les Paul 100, I know it isn't ideal but...
search the forums for, get this--- ultimate amp settings thread!!!!

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I have a hollowbody and I have found that the key to sounding like early rock is all about having all your tone up and using as much reverb (or better yet a little echo.... if you have it) and using all your pickups. I wouldn't use much gain and i would boost the treble and go easy on the mids and bass.
Good luck and let us know if you get it.
I can't really get the money for a delay but I have indeed got a little closer with a little variation of this.


Gain (10)
Bass (9)
Mid (10)
Treble (6)

I know a Les Paul is different to a Gretsch(spelling?) but I think I can try to come close. Thanks for the help.

I aimed for a full, warm sound with plenty of mid and bass with the treble backed off a bit.

This is of couse with the distortion setting off but the gain turned up full anyway. It sounds reasonably accurate. Obviously not exact but I am closer to it.
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