Hey. I'm looking at buying a new bass, and I'm choosing between an Epiphone Goth Thunderbird IV and an Ibanez Iceman 200. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of both? I love the shape of both but I don't know about quality or playability of either. PLEASE HELP!
thank you
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the iceman is an electric guitar if im not wrong...

It's a bass, too.

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^There are both guitar and bass models. Both of these basses sound similar. Also, they are both one trick ponies. They will do that sound (chunky, growly, midrangy tone) and then they will do it with the tone rolled off. Also, they both have thick, chunky necks. Have you ever played one? I strongly suggest you play both of these before buying either. They are very difficult to work with. It might just be your bass though, and fit you perfectly. 95% of the time that is not the case with T-Birds and similar basses though.
Bumper, what exactly do you mean by "one trick ponies"? Thanks for the feedback though. Of course, I would be playing both before I bought.
I mean that you are really only ever going to get one sound out of it. The growly, midrangy tone. If thats your tone, then great. But make sure that it's the only tone you're ever going to use.
Dean Edge with Bartolini pickups. A Fender Jazz bass could easily get it, especially with an active EQ. Pretty much anything that does not have those soapbar single coils and a passive EQ.
would you recommend anything with a more modern look and tone
. I need something that plays like and looks metal.
focusing on the tone first, i'd suggest looking at some ibanez and fender P and J basses.
They should, give you the tone you're after. Lookwise, shouldn't really matter, but i'm not following what you mean by 'looking modern'. either way, don't even consider BC rich they may look (in some cases) rather snazzy, but they are terrible, terrible basses.

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By modern I mean something more... nu-metal rock. Sound and playability come first, but it needs to look the part too. And without those feakin' huge tuning pegs!
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would you recommend anything with a more modern look and tone
. I need something that plays like and looks metal.

I play a Dean Edge Q6 in my band, and we play some pretty heavy tunes. A Dean will give you the heavy tone you're looking for, but unless you're willing to spend considerably more money you're not going to get a "metal" looking bass that also sounds good. You can have one or the other, if it were me I'd go for sound and playability. You don't have to have a huge spiky bass to play heavy music, look at Stefan Fimmers (Necrophagist) and Martin Mendez. They both play (respectively) an Ernie Ball Stringray 5 and a Fender Jazz bass.