i been playing bass for about 3 years and at the mo im playing a washburn force 5 string, which looks amazing, but sounds fairly good, but not incredible, so i'm thinking of buying a new one...

the problem being;

i play in a band that does anything from light indie, to ACDC style hard rock, by way of the beatles, GNR, RHCP and radiohead...plus all kinds of other stuff, oh yeah, and a bit of black sabbath style metal along the way

i also play in various jazz/blues combos

and a 30s/40s style big band.....

and so i want something which can cope with all these styles, and not just cope, but be able to sound good for all of them

is this a lost cause, or does such a holy grail indeed exist

so, imagining money's no object (i wish), any suggestions??
You might have some more luck over in the bass forum where the bassists seem to stick most of the time.

you're on a 5 string so changing to a 4 string might feel like you're missing out so I can't really think of any reccomendations with my limited bass knowledge.... if money is no object you could get a luthier to custom make something for you
Ive been playing bass for 8 years---so not all bassists hang out in the bass forum :-)

Washburn is nice. Schechters are nicer. Warwicks are nicest.

My friend owns a gorgeous schechter. The things got a mahogany body, neck through, and some sweet emgs (*drool*). ive played it and some other schechters too. They are nice, im not gonna lie.

Warwicks ($$$$$) are nice but they will cost you. they are also used a lot with metal and stuff.

if you got the money, then you could go with anything you want. you might also consider keeping the bass you have now and simply upgrading the pickups??