Hi everyone. My band is scheduled to go recording a demo this weekend I we wrote a last minute song yesterday that we would like to throw in. I'm getting writter's block and need help finding another verse. The lyrics are pretty basic so it shouldn't be that hard. I also need a name. All ideas would be appreciated. Thanx

Have you ever stopped to look around
And here nothing but silent sounds
To ask yourself where did I go wrong
And wonder where do I belong

I need to leave my past behind
And forget about harder times
But everytime I close my eyes
I still see a fire that just won't die
I'm running away to find a better life

This is where I'm stuck, it's a really good song so I would like to finish it ASAP
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good start. maybe a good verse would be possibly: why is it so hard for me, to figure out who i want to be, give my lonliness a different place, a brand new canvas a different face. i dunno, but i think it would be ok.
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the second to last line in the chorus shoudl be I see a fire that jsut won't die because it flows better. you could jut have a short song liek thist that jsut has two verses instead. have it be a final track that's just short or something i dunno.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?

This would be a little easier if I knew the genre you play...

Second verse maybe something like...

I open old wounds
Though I try to forget
Scars of the past
They leave me crippled


Verse 3


Hope I helped. Maybe this will just get you going to where you'll have a song pretty quickly.
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