i been playing bass for about 3 years and at the mo im playing a washburn force 5 string, which looks amazing, but sounds fairly good, but not incredible, so i'm thinking of buying a new one...

the problem being;

i play in a band that does anything from light indie, to ACDC style hard rock, by way of the beatles, GNR, RHCP and radiohead...plus all kinds of other stuff, oh yeah, and a bit of black sabbath style metal along the way

i also play in various jazz/blues combos

and a 30s/40s style big band.....

and so i want something which can cope with all these styles, and not just cope, but be able to sound good for all of them

is this a lost cause, or does such a holy grail indeed exist

so, imagining money's no object (i wish), any suggestions??
it would be easier if we new a price range....
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Yes, such a holy grail of a bass does exist. In the form of the Fender Jazz bass. I'd suggest getting one with an active EQ, just to set the tone up a little better on the spot.