I play that alot......I've never heard the song though.My friend taught me it. Thanks anyway.
I really enjoy all this advice I'm getting......I really enjoy how ablsolutely no one seems to have a freakin' clue fow what I should play....Its real great guys.
sweet home alabama definitely, play it up the farm all the time
Joe Walsh = one of the best legends in the history of the world.

damn, wheres the eagles avatar?
ten years gone by led zeppelin is great. tangerine also another great one. house of the rising sun- animals. patience guns and roses i know its not classic but give it 10 yrs and it will be.
if you play zeppelin.
tangerine, going to california, over the hills an far away, thank you.
their not all full acoustic but you can find ways to do it all acoustic. i also done that.
Across the univerve by The Beatles
Stairway To Heaven by Led Zep
Blackbird by The Beatles
Mr. Tambourine Man by Bob Dylan

It's not classic rock but it sounds like a beatles song

Let there be love - Oasis
Try this:
Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here (you know that already)
Pigs on the Wing pt 1 and 2 (each is 1 1/2 min)
Dogs (this is long 17 min but its good)
and anything from Dark side is good acoustic.
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I really enjoy all this advice I'm getting......I really enjoy how ablsolutely no one seems to have a freakin' clue fow what I should play....Its real great guys.

good lord man, why don't you try waiting more than fifteen minutes.

anyway... classic rock songs on acoustic....

pink floyd - breathe
pink floyd - wish you were here
pink floyd - pertty much any song being that pink floyd is probably the best band ever
fleetwood mac - landslide
fleetwood mac - the chain
fleetwood mac - never going back again
john lennon - imagine
the byrds - turn, turn, turn
the doobie brothers - listen to the music
james taylor - fire and rain
the eagles - hotel california
the eagles - tequila sunrise
van morrison - brown eyed girl
tom petty - free fallin
tom petty - mary jane's last dance
the beatles - michelle
the beatles - hey jude
the beatles - yesterday
the beatles - love me do
the beatles - hard days night
simon & garfunkel - mrs. robinson
simon & garfunkel - the sound of silence
kansas - dust in the wind
lynyrd skynyrd - simple man
lynyrd skynyrd - sweet home alabama
bob seger - night moves
bob seger - main street
led zeppelin - braun yr aur stomp
led zeppelin - tangerine
led zeppelin - over the hills and far away
led zeppelin - see quote above about pink floyd and apply here as well
guns n roses - november rain
guns n roses - sweet child of mine
steve miller band - jet airliner
steve miller band - the joker
marshall tucker band - can't you see
stealer's wheel - stuck in the middle with you
steppenwolf - magic carpet ride

there's about 30 or so... i'll edit more in as i think of them
First song I ever learned was Animals, house of the rising sun, first by chords and then by just picking. My personal favorite song ever, and fairy easy/hard, however you choose to play it.

Go for it
Eric Clapton - Layla

surprised anyone hasnt mentioned it yet
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^-- blah i had that one in my original post along with several more songs, but internet explorer locked up when i hit "Post Quick Reply." so i had to type it all over again and i left some stuff out that's one of my favorites actually!
pretty much anything dylan....
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