This might sound stupid, but I'm about to make a huge investment for a guitar that has a term that stumps me. What is a sloped Shoulder? What does it do? Why would it be better than any better than a regular dreadnought?
Refers to shape of the corners, or shoulders of the upper bout of the sound box. "Slope" is more rounded than squared and perhaps a bit narrower. 12 fret guitars are more likely to have sloped shoulders. I can't speak with specific knowlege about sound/tone differences, but I suspect that many other factors ( ie. tonewood, bracing, bridge shape and placement etc. ) will have more influence on that. Older (mid 60's ish and before ) Gibson J model flat-tops are quite typical of slope shoulder design. What are you looking at ??
Just to add to what has already been said. The "sloped shoulder" design started out as a way to make the guitar easier for people to hold. The tone difference caused by the sloped shoulders is similar to the difference in tone created by a cutaway. In theory it make the guitar less "warm" sounding but the change is so small that some most people cant hear a difference at all.
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Went to website. They both look like nice guitars. Never played a Blue Ridge. I am partial to that style of guitar ( have a '53 Gibson ) but that is strictly a personal taste issue. My impression, from reading and listening, is that Blue Ridge guitars are a very good value. Saga has been in the business for a long while. Go with gut, and perhaps prayer.