According to wikipedia.com, rancid's new album will be out on Wrner Brothers. I smell another stinker...

Doesn't it go against their whole, avoid the evil majors thing they had before aoctw?

Tim and Freeman have come a long way since Op Ivy
So wait...they're not putting it out on the Epitaph subsidary that Tim OWNS?

They got great distribution from it, I don't know why they're switching.
silly kids, their last album was on Wrner Brothers.
they just kept it secret by putting the hellcat thing on it.
but yeah, their next album will suck as well.
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Aww, I thought this was going to be about The Kings of Nuthin'...
Circle that A, motherfucker!
It's pathetic. Last album distributed by Warner and now it is on Warner according to Wikipedia,
Wikipedia also has an entry made about a historical food fight in my school...

I thought thw Warner Bros. thing was well known?
It is well known that Inde. was distributed by Warner, it's just I didn't know that they'd be releasing the next one through it. Let's have a link to the food fight Waterproofie
Wow, it's hard to believe the Tim used to be the frontman for Op Ivy.
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we're not nerds thank you very much i have a very respectable 40k imperial guard army.
well, jesse was more of the frontman than tim was
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Jesse was the frontman.

The Frontman is the vocalist.
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Jesse was the frontman.

The Frontman is the vocalist.

not true... Godspeed You! Black Emperor's frontman is Effrim Menduk... and they don't have a vocalist.

The frontman is who interacts with the press the most.
Whoh, just quietly what doesn't wikipedia know...?
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Whoh, just quietly what doesn't wikipedia know...?

my middle name.
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stupid rancid, just for that stupid mistake im not going to your tour on july 19th in orlando. i'd rather go see GOOD local bands.
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Rancid sucked after AOCTW. They've got locked on this downhill slide (D.O.A. reference = win) for so long that nothing they do is really a surprise anymore. Releasing records on Warner is just another metre or so down their slide towards becoming a punk rock Led Zeppelin.