I got a couple of questions regarding keyboard technique:

1. Is there a good way to determine how to finger chords on the keyboard? Does it just depend on where the next chord is?

2. Is there a good way to determine how to do long scale runs? How many fingers should you roll over to? Ive kind of got into the habit of starting on my pinky or thumb and then only using my thumb, index, and middle finger. Should I practice using more fingers? How exactly do you cross over then?

3.How should I play the basic guitar blues shuffle pattern on the keyboard (like Jerry Lee lewis)? As in, what fingers should I use? This is what Im talking about:


Im trying not to develop bad habits with my playing. Hopefully Ill have access to a piano soon and will be able to get lessons but until then Im stuck with this.
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1) certain chords are played a certain way... it depends on the chord (it's not always the same for the same type of chord, on a different pitch, either)

2) Your index & middle should be used for the black key pairing. Index, middle, and ring for the three black key set. To move towards your pinky, reach under your palm with your thumb. To move towards your thumb, reach over your thumb with your ring/middle finger (depending on which is next)

3) Thumb & pinky.
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