I was just wondering if any of the Kramer guitars on musicyo.com are any good because they have such low prices (mostly below $230) but still have floyd rose tremolos and seem to have nice pickups. Does anyone have one of these, or know if they sound nice?
Kramer was my first electric guitar... one of those $80 ones. Dont remember much about it except for the fact that my mom snapped it in half by knocking it over.
those kramers on musicyo.com suck stay away the might have some decent ones on ebay i forgot the names of the good models but they werent really that expensive
Originally posted by Danno13 ^yea he's right. Don't be a fag and buy a Strat Pack. Squiers are the devil. Well, actually, the devil is too cool to be asscociated with Squier. Squiers are the hot topic of the guitar world.