Led Zeppelin's Living Loving Maid was played on an electric 12 and I guess is mildly distorted. I think a 12 string would sound good through a big muff or DS-1.
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Jeff Buckley uses a 12 string Ric for all of his open G tuning stuff, and a lot of it isn't heavily distorted but given a nice clip. "What Would You Say" is a good example. I'll try to think of others.
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I've never really heard it. I'd like to play around with it when my guitar is done though.
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I was thinking about getting a chep acoustic pickup and putting my 12 string through the pedal. If I decide to do so, I'll make a little recording.
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The Shadows did it very very early on, but that was a baritone 12, with the extra strings being an octave under.

I also think the Byrds tried it
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Man, a heavily distorted 12 string sounds awesome, its got a distinct, robotic lead sound. Get too jangly and muddy for chords though.
alex lifeson plays a 12 string distorted electric on and old video of xanadu live
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