I'm a n00b at racks. haha, i admit, head + cab was always simplier to me.

but yeah, to the question.
say i purchase a Korg tuner, VHT poweramp, ENGL preamp, and thinking an effect unit of somesort, and MAYBE a BBE maximizer for a simple setup. that'd work right?
but the main question is. what order?

just what you would do and the differences

Tuner -> Preamp -> Maximizer (depending on what it does -- not familiar) -> power amp. Generally the only things you want before the preamp are pitch shifters, wahs, and overdrives. That's not all-inclusive, of course, but modulation effects, chori, delays, etc. should come after the preamp.
Hi, I'm Peter
alrighty thanks. so basically:
tuner > preamp >bbe/effects > poweramp.

seems easy enough.