i would like to buy either a fneder jaguar, mustang, or jag-stang. Any suggestions or preferences?

I am looking to spend no more than 600 or 700 pounds, any suggestions?

cheers in advance guys.
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get the jag-stang in the sonic blue. its a great guitar, i own it. great action and its very versitale. plus, you get the best of both worlds (jaguar and mustang).
I've heard it has a great rhythm tone, but how is the guitar for lead?
You wouldn't believe what I've seen, here sitting on a bag of beans.

R_H_C_P are fucking awesome
its actually pretty good
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Try them before you buy so that you know the differences and you can see which one you like best.

And why the hell not a Jazzmaster? Those are stunning guitars, sound beautiful too.
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I like the Jagstangs... I played it and I had them put it on layaway... now I have to pay it off before I can take it home.
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Jazzmaster would be my choice, superb cleans and they cope very well with lead playing. Follow the wise words of Cobain when thinking of buying anything Mustang related:

"They sound like crap, they're small, they don't even stay in tune. You know what? They're my favourite guitars in the world".

Jaguars though... Great rhythm sounds I find, but there are far better guitars when it comes to lead. Try them all out.
i freaking love jaguars, they sound absolutely gorgeous for lead, especially anything clean. surf rock instrumental music, you know, with tons of reverb--that's what this thing's all about. the tone would work just as well for jazz and blues though; on the neck pickup, i swear it can sound like a jazz box if you want it to. also i love the short scale, because that means you can put super heavy strings on it. i'll buy one eventually. i heard they do have some set-up issues, but you can find remedies to these on www.jag-stang.com , click on the modifications link. you could even give the instructions to a tech or whatever if you don't wanna do it yourself, either way it's worth it for these awesome guitars. the mustang is pretty nice too, i've only played it once, though. i haven't played a jag-stang but i gotta admit, the body shape turns me off, it looks like some little kid made it out of play-dough. i played a jazzmaster once, i didn't like it as much as the jag, it seemed like the sound was thinner.
i agree with RHCP, jazzmasters are definitely worth a try. i can't say i know much about any of these though
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I can't stand jag-stangs. The humbucker sounds sterile to me and the neck pickup is just ok. I vote for a Jaguar.
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ANYways...I like all of them. The Jazzmaster has soapbars though right? I say Jaguar...Ive wanted one for a really long time...
as a person that owns a jag stang, an old '95, the bridge pickups is worthless, i swapped mine out for a setmour duncan jb, and the neck is only marginalls better, again i swapped for a setmour duncan, but i love the way the guitar plays, if you cna get over the body style, which many peopel dislike but i personally love, then its jstu abtou the best guitar ever, i regularly use it for both rythme sections adn soloing. be warned though, the actiaon is weird becasue the 1st adn 6th strings sit a littel lower than the other becasue of the ay the bridge is set up, and its pretty much unadjustable.