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if you had to kill a person, how would you do it? be creative though. like methods of torture and such.

for me i would lure them into a false sense of secruity by promising them 5 dollars in old canadian nickles if they can eat them all in under 5 minutes.

then id turn on two gigantic electro magnets.
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I just watched Se7en again last night, so I've got all sorts of plots cooking up in my mind.
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Shoot them in the foot while they are tied up and have one of those monkey alarm things going off with it hitting the cymbals all the time. And wait for them to bleed to death. If they survived I'd take something and crush their fingers and then if they didn't bleed to death I'd just let them starve.

Wow, that's interesting.
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i could take a few mom does daycare so i know how to take of them....ill just tell them the truth about santa, the easterbunny, and that their parents are dead
I would chain them to a wall and play the worst music there is:

Fall Out Boy and othere assortments of Emo. It is scientifically proven that too much listening of this horrible music causes stress in the nerves in a body. Eventually they would bleed out of their ears, and their brain could possibly explode.
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watch mind hunters especially the liquid nitrogen thing
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stick bamboo shoots under their fingernails and let em sit.
on a topic of how you would like to be buried...

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in a coffin, underground, next to my wife.

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Me too. But only if she's alive.

watch hostel there is some crazy creativity there.
I would throw him in a shredder
then collect the remains in a bag
and trow him in agian
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have a rope of unborn fetus hanging from a cliff, and have the victim hold on to them, and the only way to survive is to climb up the rope, mushing all the bodies on the way up.

if they do make it up, i cut the rope just before, or i take scissors (i'd rather them over a knife) and shove it thru their forehead, THEN push them off.
I would blind fold them, let them run around in a forest and go hunting. But I would only shoot for the kneecaps.
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Here's the best ever. Ready? Too bad. Force-feed them multiple Viagra pills. While that's setting in, use cardboard and paper-cut the cuticles of their fingers. When the Viagra has kicked in at its full force, put 'em on one of those things that shoots jets off of aircraft-carriers and launch them right into the wall, boner first. Ouch.
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skin them alive. then make balls of salt and chuck them at the victim.
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Black and decker drill to the knee caps, broken glass between them and the bandages, belfast has so much creativity, city of culture and all that
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stick a tiny glass vile down the eye of their penis... and then show them lots of porn so they get a boner... breaking the glass inside their dick... bleeding to death
Spare some change?
I'd hang them from their arms and legs from the ceiling, back facing the floor, then I'd tear both their buttcheeks off. They would obviously bleed to death.
I live really close to the Peace River and me and my friends have talked about this alot. To kill someone you have to is find some random person and ask for help with you car. Have someone hiden in the ack were they can't see and then you tell them to get in and start the engine when you, the person in the back will knock him out with two hard, blunt objects and when you tell the stranger to start the engine hit him with the two objects. Now you drive down to the Peace River and have a different person with a scuba suit and a little dingy boat. You give him the unconscious body and inject him with an empty needle. Now the third person goes out to the middle of the river and drops four 50 pound bricks and he makes sure that the inside of the bricks is 7 feet then tie the body to the bricks and blow up the dingy and get the man two swim back and then get each over saw off your finger prints and replace them in different order and never talk to each other again. I have to go to the bathroom now!!
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Beat them on the head with my guitar, till their brain is out of their skull
that wold be fun fun
Alright here goes *gets in serial killer mode*

First I'd probably have to get the sucker to come willingly back to my torture/killing site...(I don't think I could ride my motorcycle home with a limp body on the back and escape the cops...)

Then I'd tie him down to one of those tables like some kinda reverse frankenstein.

First I'd cut out his fingernails and toenails...skinning his fingers from the first knuckle to the tip...

Then I'd probably cut open his head and poke his brain around just for fun...take my hairdrier to it to see if blowdrying it would shrivel it up and kill him...maybe stick some toothpicks in there...he wouldn't feel it...but meh, I think it would be kinda fun anyway...and he'd be focused on his fingers...

Then I'd probably slice along both sides of his collarbone and stick heated metal pins underneath the bone...same thing for the kneecaps...and sections of the hip bone...Maybe sew their lips shut with a seriously old guitar string...after cutting that little section of skin that connects the tongue to the bottom of the mouth...

Then I'd totally have to stick some unwound paper clips in the corner of their eyes and leave them there while they try to see what else I'm gonna do. (Paper clips in your eye hurt...bad...I know...)

If by any chance they're screaming at this point...I'd duct tape their mouth shut and get to the point...cutting open their stomach...and loading it up with beatles, worms and assorted maggots...

and I guess when I get bored of that there are endless possibilities for actually finishing the job...a drill bit up the nose...a simple aim with a shot gun...something quick and easy...

And since I live out in the country...there are a bazillion places to stash bodies...

Wow...this post has temporarily brought out the sicko in me...

Is it Ironic or just sad that I could really go for some breakfast right about now?
how about removing all the bloodvains in their leg with a rusty fork, then using the the vains to choke them.
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Do like Foamy's 'Fear Factor':

You get chain all the contestants naked to steel chairs, which is connected to a heating system. Then, gradually over a 32 hour period you turn up the heat till it's as hot as a branding iron, and the pass out due to the extreme pain.
What you do then, is hang by their arms in a dark room, where the only visible thing is a sign that says 'YOU HAVE THIS MUCH TIME LEFT TO LIVE!' and is counting down 24 hours by the second.
So now they're just hanging there. Waiting, wondering. How will they die? Will it be worse than the heating chair? No one knows...
When the timer reaches the final second, you throw on all the lights, scream 'SURPRISE!' and hit them all in the face with a large pie. And, if they don't die of heart attack, laugh. Pretend it's all a joke. Lull them into a false sense of security by saying 'You've won $1 million!'.
Then you bring out the razor blades and salt. You put one two inch cut on the body every fifteen minutes. Then you bring in some filthy hobo, to pick at the wounds with his dirty fingernails, whilst pouring salt into them.

Now that's the way to kill someone.
^ thats a good 1

How about surgically replacing their brain to ther stomach, and keeping them alive while u decapitate them.

Or how about putting them in an airplane and dropping them in the atlantic. When u celebrate by eating fish at a restuant u find their eye inside the very fresh fish...
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In my town a teacher actually asked his class this and made an essay project out of it. Couple days later he got fired and I'm not relly sure what has happened to him. He didnt understand what the big deal was about.
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imagine yourselves into a dark filthy room whit no windows and rats walking arround.
also some chains hanging.
well now:
i would insert slowly a needle into his/her eyes and under his nails, then i would pull off all of his theeth. After that i would take his skin off, and submerge him into fuel and set him on fire, but not letting him die yet.
Finally i would cut evry extemity of his body whit a rope (yes, a rope), And let him bleed.

be affraid of me.
How about this one?

Tie one end of a rope around a door handle, or other suitably rooted object. Tie the other end round a guy's balls. Push said guy out of a high window.
Fuck their brains out
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now this would only work if there are lots of people so i could have fun and remember its only what i would do if i could

1. I would run along a wall with an 8" hunting knife and grab there head spin around them in the process decapitating them

2. Stick C4 up there ass and KABOOM

3. get a hook put it through there penis tie there hands behind their back tie the hook to a car and speed up slowly but surely until their penis rips off

I would never do those but you know it would be fun to try
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I would chain them to a wall and play the worst music there is:

Fall Out Boy and othere assortments of Emo. It is scientifically proven that too much listening of this horrible music causes stress in the nerves in a body. Eventually they would bleed out of their ears, and their brain could possibly explode.

Shut up.

I'd make small cuts all over their body and then dump salt all over them.

Then shoot them or something.
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**** them in the eye socket
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My nipples. WHAT ARE THEY FOR?!?!?!?!
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Put your penis in a raging hot fire, that should melt the bottle off
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4e574e57363g, despite your first post on a thread almost always being PWNT you kickass.
People go mad and die when they can't talk to others. Put a person alone for a little while, locked up and deprived of the art of conversation, and that person will go mad. That's my idea.
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probably themost creative way i can think of is putting out one of those rope traps, except instead of ending up hanging from a tree, the victim would be towed up the eifel tower and catapulted to Burkina Faso.

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Tie little strings around every hair on their body, then yank them all out simultaneously.
one word....

electric nipple clamps
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