Hey folks...aspiring guitarist here with a question for anyone.

(A little backgound info)
I have been 'dabbling' with a guitar for about 7 years now, nothing serious...just something I do here and there. I never really learned how to read sheet music, and for the most part I have learned by ear....you know, just trying things out to see what sounds good. I DO have a good ear for musical notes, and I have been told by a lot of semi-professional guitarists that I have what is known as 'perfect pitch'.

Anyway...I seem to have always had trouble with bar chords. I am relatively short, and have small hands, thus small digits. I have been trying recently to learn "Bother" by Stone Sour, but the trouble is, no matter how I try to position my index finger for the first few chords, I cannot seem to press hard enough. And it just happens to be the 5th string...the crucial one...that gets muted-out because of this. Any pointers on a better way aside from resorting to a Capo?

hmm... i think maybe you mean the second string gets muted? remember, when counting guitar string you start from the bottom (the smallest one) and go towards the top (the biggest one.) thus your smallest string is 1 and your thickest is 6. So im thinking maybe you mean its the second string that gets muted?
Momentary lapse of reason I see...yes, I did mean the second string. Since you caught that, I would say you know exactly what I am talking about
I'm afraid there's no easy way of getting the technique, just play a barre chord over an over again until you get it right. try putting more pressure on the lower part of the finger.
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Bar chords are really really hard in the beginning, just keep practising. It could also be that the action of your guitar is just too high.
i might aswell mention that there are ways to do barre chords without a bar, if you play in a style with your thumb reaching over onto the bass strings - its not great on songs that rely on deep sounds because obviously your thumb wont press as hard as your index could
This song is particularlly difficult (believe me it's a pain in the ass when you're starting out) because he barres the whole fret and nothing else, then hammers the rest of the minor shape down. It's harder (IMO) to barre the fret and nothing else than it is to play a major shape. Just practice. Even when I was proficient in barre chords, I was unable to play this song on my acoustic because of that, so I practiced on my electric and continued to build finger strength on my acoustic. Eventually I tried it one day and it was cake. Same thing with the Under the Bridge intro. I play with 13's on my acoustic and it has a mean action to it and I couldn't get this or Bother at first but eventually it will happen, just keep practicing.

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Like Bryan52803 said pain in ass to learn but I also learned it on electric 1st till i was able to build up the strength to play it acoustically.

And as for having Small hands I cant help you there...Just practice, Practice, Practice until you can do it
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