well basically what it says in the title of the thread just im on a budget of around $100-$200 so nothing over the top
Zakk Wylde wah. it got a good fasel inductor and pretty decent low end.
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you could check out any of the crybaby wahs. they're suppossed be able to withstand any kind of stage abuse and are suppossed to have a great metal sound. I unfortunately couldn't give you a firsthand review, but i wouldn't doubt their quality or their sound. and yeah, they should be around the $100-200 range.
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jim dunlops are alright, and theyre about 150, i been thinking about buying one.
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and yeah, they should be around the $100-200 range.

Some wahs go up to $250-300 (Teese, AREA51...)
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i reccomend the crybaby from hell just cos its so good to fiddle around and get a good sound with
it may be slightly over budget but i believe the Dunlop 535Q Crybaby is one of the best

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Yeah, just avoid crap like the Behringer Hellbabe or the Dulop Original Crybaby, and vintage-voiced stuff like Voxes and Buddas, and you're set.
morely or even weeping deomn by ibanez. those are some good kinds too. but i still think the Zakk wylde is good for metal and hard rock.
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WEEPING DEMON, i wish i had one of those. . .
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I would say a Weeping Demon, for the customizing options it has.

A Morley would work well also.
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ibanez wd7 weeping demon, cos if u ever get bored of one sound of wah, u can flick a switch and its like having a completly brand new pedal
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actually, even though its supposedly 'vintage' i think the Budda wah is the best, then morley/vox.

didn't like the crybaby all too much, but i tried it when i has a crap amp so that could be the reasoning. note: i've always considered the dunlops more of a crunch/low gain/marshall type wah.
I have a Dunlop JH-1 Jimi Hendrix wah and its rather deep and mean. Its not exactly a clean wah in the sense that it introduces a bit of noise into the mix but that just adds to the grit factor of it. Its got a pretty decent sweep as long as you place it in the right position in your pedal chain.