Hey all, I've been using the following set up for recording:

Guitar -> GT-8 -> Sonic Maximizer -> Boss BR-8 multitrack digital recorder (for the audio outputs mainly) -> soundcard on pc

Now this works great for acoustic, but electric sounds terrible, because of my crappy soundcard. What I'm wondering is would a firewire interface be a better investment than a new soundcard. Also could eliminate the use of the digital recorder, but I'm wondering the following:

How does the quality compare between firewire and soundcard input?
Can I still use the GT-8 and Sonic Maximizer with a firewire interface?

I'm not looking to spend a fortune, less than $200, and have found this

Does that have everything I need if I were to get one? Thanks a lot.
yes you will get much better results with the interface. go for it.

yes you can record multiple instruments at once with the use of the mixer, no they will not be on seperate individually editable tracks.

yes, you can put any equipment you want infront of the interface, but your best bet is to buy an sm-57, or an audix i-5, and mic you amp. or a pair of condensors for recording your acoustic.

Good luck