I'm making a metal/metalcore opera right now and i just wanna know how many people think it would be a cool idea for an album. When i say opera i do not mean so fat bitch moaning like someone punched her in the ovaries. I mean like a rock opera like the who did with "Tommy" or green day with "American idiot" i wanna do it to tell a story of someone and how things change or w/e just with metal
if you want to get inspiration for a rock opera, then it needs to be on your own. thats what made all of the legendary ones so great. also, tommy and idiot are fine, but pink floyds "The Wall" pisses all over them.
No dude like i have inspiration and have a lotta songs done i'm just wanna know if people think it would be good as an album
who is "They're" i am into metalcore stuff like killswitchengage and trivium so ppl that like that
Well... as long as its more of a concept album that tells a story and not a literal opera that requires visuals to go with it, you know what I mean? I don't see a opera on album doing well, because you can't see what the actors are doing. Now, a rock opera/story concept album (which is what The Wall really is... a concept album) would be fine!
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ya i was leaning towards more of a concept cuz i have like a lot of material surrounding this one thing and all the changes n w/e