My wah pedal (dimebag wah from hell) is the last in line before going into the input of my amp (preceded by my Boss Metal Zone distortion pedal). My other effects are plugged into the FX loop in the back of my amp (Chorus, Delay, EQ). My wah doesn't sound right unless it's plugged in ahead of my Distortion. But, I get a better sound from my distortion pedal when it's ahead of my wah. With the wah after the distortion the volume drops drastically with the pedal all the way up (not depressed). Any hints as to what I may be doing wrong?
well think about the electronics - if the wah is before the distortion, the guitar signal is gonna have the wah effect going into the distortion pedal and that sound of guitar + wah is going to be distorted. The other way around, the distortion is gonna hit first, and then the distortion is gonna get wah'ed.