alright i finally decided that there are a ton more bands looking for bass guitarists, and since i like to be different anyways i'm gonna play bass, i figure if i kno guitar then i can figure bass out easily.....anyways to the point im gonna buy a bass under 300 dollars to see how i like it.....im looking at the peavy milliniem bxp active electric, and possible an ibanez flame top all at samedaymusic.com i jus need to kno which ones are good, the millineum looks really good and reviews are pretty good.....so can anyone help me decide and if you kno better ones for under 300???? any help is appreciated thanx.
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millennium is great, I have the 5 string, and it hasn't let me down ever. I love the active electronics, but be warned, with actives, you do need to replace ur battery before every gig, really, just in case

you don't need to

it is, however, advised
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ive used the same batteries for over 6 months.

so unless you play a gig every 6 months, no not every gig lol. but keep a spare in your gig bag or w.e
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really? my peavey eats through batteries... then again, i play it, like, 8 hours every day

i play a lot, but i guess a lot of the time im unplugged.

the batteries keep flowing as long as the cable is in, and i try not to keep my cable in.