New lyrics I wrote. Spent a lot of time on it. So please comment if you could.

You said your sorry for ending it like that
I don't believe it but I laugh at every joke you crack
I stare straight ahead questioning if you deserve what you get
Every second glance, every second I want back

I'm glad to see you
I hope you say the same
Your friend walks closer
Folded letter in her hand

You call out his name from anyone else
I forgive myself, I'm the reason for this
Forget me, I'll forget it
Soon enough we'll be no more

No colors in this letter
Not like the ones before
It starts with "dear"
But ends with "sorry"
False assumptions led to this
You are so wrong, my friend
Silence between us
Courtesy of the victim

I tear it up
Throw it away
This is the darkest day
Ever since
The first note

This is what I get
For not being here
This week was a lie
I'm afraid, my dear

I just wanted us to be happy in my return
Instead, this is how it has to be