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4 57%
Voters: 7.
And as we walked she said
Dear we reek of sex and caviar
As I replied we were soaked by chamapgne rain
I only managed to mutter well we should be caged

Don't say you care because only I do
Don't remember me i'm easily forgetable
I'm a poet who is deaf, dumb and blind
I was left standing for a while
so I turned and decided to lose my mind

And if you would like to know
I was surprised at the calmness of this broken man
It shocked me more then killed me
But I still can't blink and breathe

But believe me I did it because you shouldn't know
But I still like you just not as much as anyother
I find it funny that you walked out like that
You didn't need to I would have held the door

And honey dear tell my friend to come on up
Ignore us we'll be swell, dandy and fine
You have to go out give me my independence
It's just you can't see us together

Lust, coaxed in viridian desire,
Intimate indulgence,
Sex smells like a new car,
Progression depends,
On when you die,
A cycle of sin,
Disentomb dead presidents,
Saturate within,

My scarlet imbued hands,
Is not proof that I killed him,
For I am not the culprit,
I am the victim.

Lay your head upon the ground,
Feel your phantom ignite,
Sapphire lips, and aureate mind
Your acts are coming full circle.

I pray for deliverance,
A mere fresh start,
I ask for revival,
I really did care for you,
I know my lesson now,
Give me life?
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