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7 30%
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ok i need some help here, first of all im building a strat as my first guitar build and i am in the pretty early stages of it. i was wondering what u guys thought about the pro's and con's of adding a whammy bar all the mature oppinions would be very helpful.

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uhm...yes, you need to whammy or not whammy. Those are the options.

yes no sh it

In my opinon whammy. Whammys are pretty cool despite the extra tuning.
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better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. go for it mano
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No whammy, IMO. Unless you do lameass things like divebombs or whatever, there's no need to have one, things like vibrato on bends can be done without one........you just need good technique. So it's win win really, you improve your technique AND you don't look like a fag.
is this 'hardtail vs trem' or 'strat tremolo vs floyd rose' we're talking about here?
Nahhh.. don't listen to these guys. Put on a nice vintage Strat trem. If tuning is a problem to you get a good trem, locking tuners and a Hipshot tremsetter.
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A fixed bridge sounds just plain better. I convereted my strat to take a Tele bridge, and I never looked back on it! It sounds crunchy! And very sustainy! And just plain awesome!

But a whammy is cool. Dive bombs and vibrato is cool. If you only do things like a slight vibrato, as in equal bending the neck and stuff, you don't have to really worry about losing tuning! It's just it sounds kinda.. muddy.. <_<
And if REALLY wana, you can use this thing! http://www.tremol-no.com/
I personally like non-trem bridges better 'cos they have more sustain and better tuning stability. Plus If you want a trem, get a F/R speedloader. Original ones are **** if you have to change a string.

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^ Just learn how to resting a floyd rose, thousands of other guitarists do it. With the speedloaders you have to pay $10 for a set strings that are only made by 1 or 2 different companies and are harder to find than your regular ones.
I know how to string a bloody floyd rose! I'ts just really time consuming. Besides it's still really annoying that you have to detune strings loads just to change the intonation.

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as for my earlier comment, look at the question on the poll and how it's worded.

But as for the topic, is it just me or does a trem make bends about 7xs easier?
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as for my earlier comment, look at the question on the poll and how it's worded.

But as for the topic, is it just me or does a trem make bends about 7xs easier?

No diffference at all regarding bending.

Except that when you bend one string the others tend to go out of tune
Get a wilkinson tremolo, I like them, Vintage trem style, they work when you need them, no need to wierd up your tunings or stringings.
I LOOOVE having a whammy bar.. like someone else said, its better than to be able to use it and not than not be able to.
As a fellow guitar builder... im on my second guitar and im still going with a stop tailpiece and a tune-o-matic bridge.... the whammy is a nice idea but think about the extra work..... you have to route out the neck... drill holes in it... and then there's the body work too... it's not too hard but if you don't have it right the bridge may be... "too" floating or too hard to whammy.... i mean if you dont get the springs set up right they may not be able to be loosened up enough to keep the bridge floating..... or if they are too loose then the strings may pull the bridge up from the body.... overall i would suggest not using one right now unless you can get some templates to route with.... try stewmac.com... plus tremolos are nice but i love the look of a stop tailpiece and a tune-o-matic.... it's all about what you think you can do... i type too much
the only reason i wouldnt use a les-trem style tremolo is because of tuning stability... it will slip and get out of tune a lot if the strings dont lock... IMO only a true Floyd Rose is good enough for a good guitar