I want to buy the NEW Jackson RR3 (color: 503). The one with:

- Slightly gold bevels
- The better Floyd Rose Licensed tremelo
- Seymour Duncan® JB? TB4 Humbucking Pickup
- Seymour Duncan® Jazz? SH2N Humbucking Pickup

But I got a litle problem.

I have to find a shop that sells me the guitar i want, and not the old model from 2005. The price must be in Euro's. And ofcourse the black colour with black/gray pickguard. The guitar on the link is exactly the one i mean. Who can help me with this problem. (see the site for guitar details.)

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i dont know where they sell guitars in Europe but just to let you know the pickguard is a polished silver, not gray or black.
that one's hardware in the pic is chrome. '05.
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Ok, Thank you guys.I've also got a much better site.But i don't know sure that everything is allright.
I've seen this website: http://www.thomann.de/de/jackson_rr3_randy_rhodes.htm
And this one (With Dutch Tax and everything..i'm Dutch): http://www.thomann.de/thoiw7_jackson_rr3_randy_rhodes_prodinfo.html

It's so confusing...There they say it got Duncan Designed Detonator pickups, but on the dutch link it has just the New '06 specs. Should i order or not? I really want to have the '06 .

(Please don't tell me i'm a bit newbie, but i want to know for sure i order the right stuff!
It's Hard To Tear A Metal Heart Apart!