i have to decide a gift on my bday which is on the 4th of july. i can either get an acoustic guitar or a multi-effects pedal. so have to chose one of them. Is it better to use single pedals than use multi effects.

The one i was checking is the digitech RP300A. it is around 199 ollars from guitar center. and the acoustic guitar is around 220 dollars. i havent decided on which acoustic guitar i have to buy as they have many there for within the price range.

if it is better to use individual pedals than multi then i would go on and buy the acoustic as i can buy individual pedals over the course of time. or can u suggest any acoustic guitars, if anyone has purchased it from guitar center within 220 dollars and some review on it.

P.S- am not a pro at playing guitar but definately not a begineer. I had got myself a yamaha EG112 electric guitar to learn and still use it. the next will be my 2nd guitar.
any help is greatly appreciated. thanx in advance.
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Which one do you need more? Or which one would you use more? I'd decide on those factors.
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go for the acoustic, I don't think you need effects yet.
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ask for cash...if you only have 200 bucks you cant really get a good acoustic...and unless its a gnx series, digitech pedals arent too good.
i would probably get the effects if i were you... it will be really fun to mess with while playing and will inspire you to play even more.. i think that if you were to get an acustic you should save and get a decent acustic/electric...

and yes.. single pedals do sound much better than multi but seeing that you dont do gigs (?) i would get the multi effects to play with...
What type of songs do you play.

Maybe a new amp with lots of effects built in?
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The Digitech RP's are awful. I've tried two different models, and my friend owns one.

If you want a multi-effects pedal, look for something from Boss.

I prefer single pedals.

All my personal opinion, though.
thanx people its been just an hour since i posted and got this many reply's. anyways i wll be moving on to texas A&M unive this fall and dont think i will be able to take my equipment there. and like since am not working i dont have the money. my mom said sh can give me the gift but it should not be that exp. once i move to the univ i will start working then will have some money. i wanted the acoustic coz i wanted to play in that field to. i do play rock but my **** amp has drive button and its ok. anyways please reply.
i though of buy the acoustic and buy pedals like boss DS-1 or DS-2 once every 3 months so within a year i should have something. please recommend any acoustic guitar or pedal just in case.
What kind of amp have you got? It may be a better deal for you than an effects pedal. I know, I bought plenty of them, and yet now my setup is Guitar --> Amp
i have the amp which came with my package its a ****ty one...........anyways i have started to keep aside some of my allowances so that i can buy a pretty decent one by the end of my first semester at the university.................... since i have to buy a lot of equipment and all that i have to go slowly. one at a time. like i heard there is this deal on guuitar center that if u buy a equipment u geet a gift card back for 10 % of the amount all the way thru june ie till june30. so if i buy an acoustic and get 10 % back could end up buying th boss DS-1 ...............................
i did see a group of guitars online. please suggest if they worth it or not.

Ibanez V70CE acoutic-electric guitar (199$)
ibanez TCY10 TALMAN acoustic-electric guitar (199$)
Epiphone AJ-100CE acoustic electric guitar (149$)

Ibanez AEL10E acoutic electric guitar with onboard tuner(299$)
takamine GS330S acoustic electric guitar (299$)
ibanez PF5ECE performance series acoustic electrc cutaway guitar. (299$)

I know this is a long list but please help me out on this. any help wold be appreaciated.
thankx in advance.