I just passed my grade 5 trinity music exam with merit. once i get to grade 6 i get points for the UCAS (university and college applictaion scheme, i think) i have been told my guitar teacher that they are a recognised qualifictaion globaly and they dont just qualify to play guitar but also a proper musician as it tests knowledge theory, viva voce and sight reading etc i just wanted to know what everyone else thought of these exams

jonny toye
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i go to a public high school in edinburgh otherwise known as lasswade
When you said Grade 5 I thought u meant like a 5th grade elementary school music class.Cuz damn if I knew they had that and it helped u out towards college i would have looked into that earlier.But seeing as im not in highschool yet ill just keep that in mind.
oh yea,,,i know what that is, they have that in the u.s. too (using the british system)

im testing for grade 5 as well in i think september
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