I am using a 60 watt tube amp going through a 4x12 cab and right now I am only using a Boss DS-1 pedal (cheap $40 bucks) and I have the distortion dial maxed out and the tone only slightly above neutral.

When I palm mute I get a sort of flat "thud" sound instead of the fuzzy crunch that you hear on pretty much every album. Should I try a new pedal like an overdrive maybe a SD-1 since I have a tube amp? or should I maybe try different settings? Curiosity has struck me on this issue...
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What tube amp is it?

I suggest higher gain if you want a 'metal' crunch, however if you want that classic rock crunch, roll down your volume a tad. What style of 'crunch' are you looking for?
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Dumb question, but is it possible you are palm muting too close to the neck?
ease up on the bass, dont remove it but if your looking for 'bite' stick the treble up a TINY bit and the bass down a TINY bit
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You either don't have enough gain, or you have your palm nearly directing touching the strings. Palm muting is lightly touching the strings, not completely to mute them.
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Its a pignose 60 watt acting as an amp for the 4x12.

The amp settings are: bass all the way down, mid just about 1/4 of the way, and treble maxed out. I don't have a proper gain knob per say.

And yeah I was sorta hunting for that metalish crunch.

I am muting pretty close to the tremolo methinks which is where I have always had my palm.
I suggest a higher gain pedal. Pignose FTW
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Woohoo, I love you Ped!