you need to practice. a lot. try working on your accuracy instead of automatically trying to play everything as fast as possible. slow it down and play along to a metromone.

not bad for 7 months, though.
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im great at sweeping but horrible at pinch harmonics

alternate picking and using your pinky more. learn crazy train you have to alternate pick the open A's in the verse pretty steadily and it helps with your chord changing.
I know Crazy Train and the solo and all, I do alternate pick but only when I need to. Yeah I noticed the pinkey thing thanks.
id like to see you comfortably strum some chords to a simple song. something about your playing makes me think your like all the other "shredder" kids at my school who think they are good. mind you, for 7 months, you are doing very well. but dont make the same mistake every0ne else makes by skipping straight to the hard stuff. thats why you have no timing and your picking is very awkward. so learn some oasis or clapton or something easy...something just to strum along to and develop COMFORT. that is the thing i notice is lacking in shredders. they pick up a guitar, and they jam there face up against the top of the guitar and play something right out of a book. over time, without rushing, youll be able to pick up a guitar, and jam along with something, or just doodle around, and talk to your friends about how awesome you are . go back, learn mary had a little lamb. you wont regret it, and neither will any band you end up playing with.

Thanks a ton, yeah I actually prefer soft music. I can play chords/soft music and play for my church and I play clapton (Tears in Heave) Stevie Ray Vaughan Henderix GN'R and Santana for softer songs, ill make some vids of it. I have been playing along to the CD and my timing went WAY up and I ended up slowing down which made it easier.
^^ nice you did that, i was just gonna tell you that, ow yeah and you need to be more acurate with everything you do and learn a couple of scales. that will get you way on top imediatly!
at least it helped me on top imediatly haha

Good job. Practice with a metronome. Or plug your guitar and cdplayer into something and play along with the song.

Most of the notes are in the right places, but the groove and timing need work.

Great job though
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Thanks for all the tips. I got a Pandora PX4D and its soooooo sick! I can play with drum beats and I so see what you guys met and I am nailing it. Ill make a vid when I get home (Around August) of what I have learned. Thanks!
ALWAYS use a metronome when you practice and repeat the riff you're practicing 20 times before moving on to the next one... screw around with sequence patterns too, they give you a different perspective on how to play within a scale