I can't wait to play one. They fixed everything that was wrong with the old ones: the new standard strat now has medium-jumbo frets, which are larger and so much cleaner sounding and easier to play (same frets as on the american strat), and also it now has the same bridge block as the american strat too--heavier for more sustain, tone, power, etc. May Fender burn in hell for not doing this earlier, I wasted my money on a piece of crap standard strat just a year ago. Allegedly the same upgrades are on standard series teles, P-basses and J-basses (except the bridge block, cuz none of those have trems and thus don't need bridge blocks), and the teles even have hotter pickups now. Has anyone played any of these yet? How do they compare with the American series, and with the old standard series?
First off, Wrong Forum. Secondly, supposedly they are pretty good, not vast imporovementes, but enough. Third, i honestly am not a huge fun of strats... so I am not excited enough to go play one.
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They're not huge changes. The fretwire change is cool, I agree, and the fact that they come with free gigbags now is also cool, but the trem block thing really isn't that huge of an improvement unless you have your trem floating, which MexiStrats really aren't built for.
Nice improvements, but nothing major. Still, a quality guitar gets a bit better.
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Im going to put one on layaway in an hour or two, the Standard strat in a brown sunburst and rosewood fretboard. I just going for feel since Im going to change the whole harness to a Lindy Fralin Custom Harness. Damn I only need $85 to get it out of layaway.
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they're great and not much different from the American at all.
But the block is different than the MIA Strat.. but definately bigger