I am building a guitar this summer, and I had originally set out to build a Fender Jazzmaster. I have all of the parts picked out (nothing actually bought yet) and everything. While looking at some templates today, I started having second thoughts. I had planned to build the Jazzmaster with an H/S/S setup, but after looking at other guitars, this started to look less appealing, especially after playing a guitar with the two single coils and getting terrible feedback. I started looking at guitars like the Ibanez Iceman and Joe Satriani Signature and the PRS Custom 22, but I have never played any of these. Could anyone tell me the pros and cons of each of these?
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Wana kno wthe best way to know that? Go down to a music shop and play it for your self! As far as I know the shape of an electric guitar doesn't do jack **** to the sound. It's all about look and comfort.

So go down to your guitar shop and try them out!
well i play an iceman, i tell you it looks ace, but can be a bit akward, and it aint that light either, i would make it slimline, to make it easier to play and also the strap buttons aint nice to have on the back lol.