I can play everything else just when I get to the solo...right after the 11 12 15 run it has a bunch of strechs from like 12 14 17 12 15 19 how do I do those?? I tried tapping them but it doesnt sound the same...any tips on that solo??
no he's right. dimebag was all about the long stretches. like 7 8 11 on the low E.
But ya you need to get your fingers used to stretching like that. it's the only way
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you have to learn to tap them. most people do, since dimebag was a freak and can accomplish gigantic 9 fret stretches. just practice the tapping on the 20th fret, im sure u can reach to the 19th. if not, you're outta luck.
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Well, He is partially correct. You're gonna need long fingers...
First off, try relaxing your hand, and if you shift your wrist around you might find a comfortable possition for reaching up high.

Second off, You can play the part on the B string if you need smaller fret spacing..
just convert the tab so the same notes are on the B string, and the frets will be closer together than on the E string.

Third, you can get a shorter scale guitar, that has smaller frets.

or Four, you can get longer fingers.

EdIt: How the hell can't you reach that? I just played those frets, its freaking easy. You just need to practice it until its comfortable.

Edit 2: yes, classical form would help as well..
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^He's serious. Dimebag didn't tap it. I don't tap it. You just have to have longer fingers.

If you're ALMOST there, you can try sliding your guitar into classical form...more or less. Rest it on your left thigh (if your right handed) so it's pointing at about a 45° away from you. That should give you a little bit more stretch than if you were resting your guitar on your lap.

But, MetalUpTheAss has it basically right. Get longer fingers.

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Seriously, my fingers can do 1-6 and 12-22 easy. It's all about putting your hand in the right postition and having long fingers.
not really long fingers just have them be able to stretch out, like strike said its not tooo bad of a stretch since its where the smaller frets are anyway. I have short fingers (atleast in my eyes compared to vai ect.) I can do 1- 6 and 12-21, just need practice to open ur hand up, unless u have ungodly stubby fingers then ur gonna need to use the b string.
yeah man sorry to tell you, dimebag has long ass fingers, in total guitar magazine i saw lick that resembled dimebags style and it went a little something like this, basically it was a legato and it went from 17-10-13-17-13-10, hard as hell to do so i had to tap
wo I must really have long fingers, I can do that easily

anyway, prctice this chord I found in a Vai song, thats how I stretched my fingers out to play songs spanning 11 (no joke) frets

I can do that no problem, and my fingers are really short. (middle finger is less than 3 inches) just keep on trying, you'll get it eventually.

Edit: 2.8 inches, or 7 cm.
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Quote by metalmania91
no he's right. dimebag was all about the long stretches. like 7 8 11 on the low E.
But ya you need to get your fingers used to stretching like that. it's the only way

Since when on earth is that a long stretch?!!
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