Have you bothered to scroll thorugh any of the rest of this page and even the next to see the abundance of threads that look EXACTLY LIKE THIS?

Obviously not. Use your head next time.
Yes, I know roughly 2,300. If you want to know what these songs are simply look at the first page of the bass forum. Hell, if I'm not mistaken I'm pretty sure you started one of them.
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Or just check the top 100 bass tabs, Classical Thump would be something nice to learn, comes in handy often and is made by the one and only Victor Wooten.

dude, Classical Thump isn't a "fun" bass line to learn... you need to live that song, and practice it over and over and over...

when people recommend songs to players who don't specify difficulty, don't rush in to recommend classical thump... I've been playing it for about 6 months, and still have a little difficulty
^Actually, I'm beginning to think that Classical Thump should be the standard. Like every beginning bass player has to learn that song, perfectly, and send us a recording before asking for any other songs to play in a thread. Then, 6 1/2 years later when they've finally learned it and they ask, "What are some easy fun songs to play?" someone will suggest Classical Thump and then they can be like "StFu NooBzPr, I already pwned that song yesterday!"
search button exists so that you don't create these threads. buh bye.
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