I'd like to put a twangy bluesy pickup in my LP style guitar. Problem is the holes for a humbucker. Do the sell single coils that look like and fit into a humbucking hole?
You can buy single-coil pickup rings. Try Musician's Friend.
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x2 Or just get a new pickup and a push/pull pot for coil tapping.
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Yea, a P-90 might be the way to go. Or you could just get a vintage sounding humbucker such as a Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates. Although i dont know how much twang that will offer.
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the coil tapping would work, try picking closer to the bridge too. take your pickup cover off for a touch of extra high end
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take your pickup cover off for a touch of extra high end

a lot of people say that doing that doesnt work, but i did it to my pickups on my LP and it really did add a lot more high end clarity.