Well, some of you probably saw my thread about a tube amp, well, I am still trying to figure out which amp to get. I don't need an exact amp, what I would like is a company that makes an amp to my specifications.
I need an amp that I can play clean, kinda bluesy sound, but if I want I can take a pedal and play metal with the best of them. and it has to sound good while doing it.
Since last time I put the specifications and people blatently ignored them (suggesting 1,700 half stacks)
Must be under or near $800
Must be a combo amp
I've heard great things about the Carvin MTS. It's said to have the greatest cleans......period.
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peavey classic 50. period.

the fact youre so confident is funny. period.

Anyways, idk if i understand...you want to know a company who can like...build you an amp to your specs?

[edit] nvm. Try Carvin.
No such thing.
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^well if you had ever used that amp you would know why i am suggesting it

I have used it..pretty good little amp. It was just the whole ". period." thing that was funny.
peavey classic would be good

the best for this however is

a mesa/boogie road king

but thats a tad expensive

id say a mesa/boogie lonestar


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You're joking right?

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mesa boogie mark iv is pretty damn versatile. so are the lonestar and roadkings.
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The Carvin MTS3212 is money. Great amp all around.

Hmmm, Hot rod deville, Blues JR, Traynor YCV50 blue, all killer cleans/blues and in your price range.
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