Tell me how is it I?m dying on the inside and you?ve still got a smile on your face?
Don?t bother with thinking up ways to let me down easy,
Every day I?ve known you was the biggest let down of my life
Spare your last breath for her,
I?ve grown to realize I was never more than a promise to you
And even with all I know, I guess I?m still practicing pathetic
I lost it all because you aren?t who you said you were
You?ve changed and so has my future
So I hope you can still taste our last kiss
It?s always been one of those things you love to miss
But my lips are too far from you now
I?ll see to it this passion dies out
You?ve played the ?L? card one too many times
And now I?ve moved on from your lines
You had your chance; you watched your time run out
You?d pretend to want me,
But I watched you drown in doubt
nicely done...nice flow and rhythm, nice use of rhyme, but not over rhyming and even though at first i didn't like it much, as it went on I grew omre intersted, Nice piece.

Sorry for the cruddy crit, but could you crit mine if you have time? its the only one with alink in my sig if you will.