Hmm well I have a Godin Freeway Classic and a PRS Custom 24 Ten-Top 20th Anniversary (Got it yesterday). Well I love both of the brands. What type of music do you play and which PRS SE are you looking at? Can you also tell prices if you know them. Since I have both of the brands, I can give you some info.
its the SE EG and its 50 more that the godin! I play punk to metal, with alot of clean stuff.
Hmmm. For Godin, I much rather recommend the Freeway Classic. Feels amazing to play and is an amazing price for such a nice guitar. I got mine for $300-400USD. Im not sure about the PRS. The PRS you are looking at is made in Japan unlike the other ones so it wont be as nice as the American ones. What number guitar for you is this?
well, I played the Radiator and it can handle metal sweetly like....so Im gonna get that i say...am this is my 3rd guitar!
Yea definately. No problem. Godins are really great. They are made well too with strong wood. The only problem I have had with mine is that the volume pot (potentiometer) has a minimal bad connection. When I turn the volume just below full, it goes away, but then comes back like one little turn from that. Its just in one small area. But thats only my guitar so probably not the one you will buy. Once you get a lot of money and want to get a really nice guitar, if you ever do, then get a PRS Custom 22 or 24. They are really amazing. They beat Gibson Les Pauls very easily! I played a few Gibson Les Pauls and PRS Custom 22/24s and the Gibsons didnt even compare sound wise or feeling wise.