I was thinking about saving up for a standard p bass in arctic white. i played one in a shop and it felt like a dream. i could do the naked in the rain solo easily(well now i can do it perfectly). I have a Billy cox custom bass and i ***ING HATE IT! i got it for christmas when i asked for a p bass. i get $10 a week mowing my lawn but thats not enough, although im already at $122(I need $425). what do you think, should i go for it? i was going to sell my billy cox bass but i can never get a good price for it. please help, im in a rut.
yeah man, that feeling when you save up for something you've wanted for ages, and you finally get it. It's so great, I foudn that with my amp.

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Ya definetly save up, its so rewarding knowing that you've worked hard and got something awesome. Plus when your saving your money you tend to not buy stupid things your never gonna use.
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exactly, my money used to burn a hole in my pocket, i always bought stupid stuff, but now im saving. all right, thank you guys so much, big help
i was gonna buy a bass, i had $900 at about new years, have $10 now

yeah just save up, and DON'T carry your money with you.
u might wanna consider a real part time job. it'll really speed things up. also it provides alot of structure for your life, so when u do start working full time its not a huge change.

or u'll turn out like me and hav a horrid spending habit.
If you get it in arctic white you have to get a brown tortoise shell pickguard, it looks amazing.