Hello everyone, I came across a song by The Spinto Band called Mountains, and it PWNS. I was just wondering if you guys know of anything else of theirs that I could check out. Thanks in advance.
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na not tht track..heard oh mandy though. although at first i thort..what a strange title to call your song as its kinda been over done. but its actually a good catchy tune! love the guys voice.. very different
I have the album with those two songs on it and I'm feeling mighty kind at this moment...
I have "Nice and Nicely Done" (the album with those songs) and I absolutely love it. Most uplifting album I've ever heard, I think. Saw them live a few weeks ago aswell, it was SO jolly. They just make me so happy.
the spinto band is my favorite band at the moment. They are wonderful. I love all of their songs on the album nice and nicely done. I really like the song Spy vs. Spy. this band makes me so happy.
I really like this band. The song 'Oh Mandy' is ace in my opinion. Just the other day, I was listening to my music player and the song 'Setting Fire To Sleeping Giants' (by Dillinger Escape Plan) came on and got me all hardcore and pumped up, but right after it 'Oh Mandy' came on and I couldn't help but laugh because I realized that I totally went to musical opposites.

For the purpose of keeping this band alive for more than one or two more posts, I shall present you, dear forum, with a link.

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