I just recorded One by Metallica. It's just the solos with a backing track, didnt really feel like recording all the guitars for it yet, eventually ill get around to it. I tried to play it they way they do live, but some parts i havent figured out yet. let me know what you think

yea im a half step down, the backing track is in standard, cant believe i didnt catch that
ok the tuning is better now, still might not be perfect but i was in a rush and didnt spend too much time with the tuning
the end of the second solo is wrong just the end its 12h13p12 12h13p13
for the rest its ^pretty good, better with the right tuning, maybe re-record it with only the bass and drum for the backing track and do the rythm guitar but its nice
First solo was alright. It would have been really nice if YOU played the rythyms though.

Second solo was pretty good too. Just clean it up a bit.

Last solo wasn't bad. Needs a little work, but pretty good.
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