Anyone heard of this band?
They started getting a bit of exposure on TV, and i think they're really good.

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yeah, i saw an article on them somewhere but i cant remember where...they are quite good though. not mind blowingly awesome, but still pretty awesome.
Whey. A great example of the poor British distro/ear for music

People In Planes - a Welsh band who were forced to relocate to the USA after the record company deemed them not good enough to put out in the UK. Now they're comign along in leaps in bounds in America. Debut album "As Far As The Eye Can See" is tremedous. A must buy for anyone this year

Also worth picking up their first EPs as they'll go for a bit someday.

Random trivia: Used to be known as "Robots In The Sky" before changing their name to "Tetra Splendour" under which they released 3 singles and an album before deciding on the current moniker "People In Planes". People In Planes have released 2 EPs (an American and a British one - slightly different track listings).
I heard If You Talk Too Much (My Head Will Explode) and I thought it sucked really bad.
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They're a cool band. Long before I had heard of them (or at least a good month or so before, at any rate) I discovered that I seem to have about a million 'People In Planes' band stickers. I have no idea where I got them. But yeah they're a cool band.
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I haven't heard enough to say yet.

However, after listening, I alwaysalwaysalways get "If you talk too much my head will explode" repeating over and over in my head. Pretty damn catchy.
i like them, light for the dead vine and for miles r prob my favorites
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