Anything besides Goo Gone that will work to get tape residue off of my guitar?

My guitar fell off of the strap once and after that I took some eletrical tape and taped my strap to it. Just removed it recently and it has a bit of residue on it.

I ordered the Dimarzio clip loks finally so my guitar finished wont look rediculous with tape on it.

Regular hot water and soap isnt getting all of it off...

scrape it off with a credit card or drivers licenice
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lighter fluid
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I used rubbing alchol when i took the sticker off my guitar, worked wonderfuly.
Wylde is correct. The residue should lift easily if you apply a little lighter fluid (naptha) to a cloth and then rub the spot where the residue is. If you don't use excessive amounts, it won't damage your finish, and lighter fluid evaporates almost immediately.
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Spray Deoderant... don't ask me how I found that out but it works. Just let it soak for 20 seconds then rub it away with your thumb.
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I just used Pledge polish and it worked wonderfully. thansk for the tips guys