I am 18 years old and have been playing for over 7 years. I consider to be a intermediate/advanced guitar. but thats not really important. I have a cheaper alvarez acoustic model that i bought when i was maybe 14 for around 300 bucks. It is a very cheap model in the world of guitards today. However the acoustics on it are very good and it sounds very bright and good. Now i have been thinking about getting a new acoustic electric so i can plug in and play shows as i play in a classic rock/bluesy band that will be recording a cd over the summer. Would it be worth it to stick a decent quality acoustic pickup in this guitar sicne i love the sound of it. I am a very one way electric guitar player. Its all i ever play unless we have an acoustic jam or play certain songs on a set. Would a pickup sound alright through an amp, allowing about 1,000 dollars left to again get another electric. Or should i just go ahead and get an acoustic electric with the money. sorry i just wrote so much i dont know what i was thinking about but any help or advice would be great.
a pickup will change the sound of the acoustic a bit so you might want to try it out before you buy it, but i think that would be your best bet if you like the sound through the pickup. what i would suggest is just using a mic to mic your acoustic, it may be a hassle but i think you could keep a tone closer to that of the guitar alone.
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Yeah. That sounds good. Ive never mic'd it up before ive just always borrowed peoples acoustics to plug in. But im mostly strictly electric rock solo your balls off and throw in fills everywhere. I can play a very tentative acoustic and what not but its not just not what i show up at the gig to do ya know so im not sure if id be getting the worth of buying an acoustic electric.

Edit: also im not to worried about the tone changing a little. its not really the tone that makes me like it. With most cheap end guitars the acoustics are horrible and the notes sound muffled or dead but this guitar just rips out notes very nice after i tweaked just about everything with the nut and bridge to get it that way so. I just think it has the acoustics to plug in not so much the tone. a little change in tone wouldnt be to bad.
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if you're going to go the route of getting a pickup installed in the guitar... i would get one of the fishman pickups that has both an undersaddle pickup and a condenser microphone mounted beneath the soundhole. i'd then use a strap peg jack for the output and use an outside pre-amp/eq. doing it this way will preserve the current sound of your acoustic the best and will also amplify the sound of the acoustic the cleanest. all of this is going to run you around $200 installed i would guess. then i'd use at least 600 of the remaining money to buy a decent acoustic amp.
Yup, in order to get maximum quality acoustic sound, use some of the money to get an acoustic amp. You will hear the difference; they're much better if you want to get the sound as identical as possible to when it's unamplified.
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