Well, when I'm not with the band, I sometimes use Guitar Pro as well as mah' geetar to build on some songs. I was wondering, however, how to get a GP file into an MP3, so I can download it onto my mp3 player, rather than recording it from speakers. If anyone knows how to do this, please, share.
As far as I know, you can't directly export them into an MP3 file. But, you can export into a MIDI file... most MP3 players will accept MIDI files, I think.

If yours doesn't, export your track as a MIDI file, then convert it with one of these MIDI to MP3 converters.
Well, they work...

But I've only managed to get the monotone crap. Looking for something that will allow the RSE sound... if thats possible.
Get a sound card recorder. All your conversion troubles are instantly solved >_>

Doesn't it allow to to export it as a wav? But yeah, I guess it doesn't sue the RSE sound bank...hmm...