Are the Custom Shop Texas Specials supposed to be installed with 250K or 500k pots? I can't find my instructions. Thanks!
i installed some one my HSS and they all fenders(single coil pickups) are generally used with a 250k pot. Although i have switched out my volume pot to a 500k, normally used on hot guitars with humbuckers, The jump up to the 500k gives your a hotter tone. Allowing an increase in volume if you switch the volume pot, and creates the pickups to become hotter giving you more gain/volume etc.
I have a stock prewired pickguard w/texas specials from a 2001 Roadhouse Edition strat, and it's using 250k pots with the vintage cloth wire. I don't think I would want them any brighter, it might make them kind of "shrill" sounding IMO.
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