I'm making another custom guitar with my dad and I'm putting the EMG-KFK set in this one (EMG 81/85/PA-2).... the problem is the diagram that comes with the pickups has no tone control... and only one volume knob... emgpickups.com has some too for the PA-2 but not what I want... i don't need 2 vol/ 2 tone/ 3 way toggle/ and PA-2 all on my guitar... thats 4-6 holes I would have to drill depending on the pots i use (2 stacked pots) .... what I want is 2 independent volume knobs and one master tone knob with the booster and toggle switches.... that would mean 5 holes but i could also skip the tone knob as long as the tone is on full all the time and just have 2 knobs and 2 switches.... its kinda confusing but i just cant figure out how to wire it.... if someone out there could help i'd appriciate it... ALSO... the warlock on the EMG-KFK box has two knobs.... which is opposite of what it says King uses..... I would like to have the guitar set up like that as long as it has the full tone.... so anyways... i would appriciate any help... thanks!
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If you have no Tone control, it'll be just like having one, always on 10. Actually it'll sound more like as if it was on around 12. Cause even at 10, the cap still takes very little highs away.
So all you want is 2 independent volumes, the selector switch, and the PA-2?
These go to eleven...
Yeah me and my dad looked at a couple of diagrams last night and it says just put the PA-2in the tone pots place so I figured the tone wouldn't be reduced... It's actually going to be wired like my other guitar is 2 independent volume knobs and im going to put the toggle and booster switch in the open tone holes.... thanks for clarifying that for me.... I wasn't too sure but I make a guess and now Im positive... I'll post a pic of my Custom V on here soon and my Explorer plans.... thanks