Wait Just a Minute!
You Told Me that everything
Would Be Alright!
Are you so sure? your right?
See the Mess Youve Made?

Your Not The The Same Person you were
All Those Years Ago.
(what happened what happend?)

Dont Worry Ill leave the light on
For you, I know your fear is
your eyes will close.
And Not open again.


<Verse 2>
Your Right, I Can Never Do This
This Thing Called Life.
(On My Own)
But I see You up there
Your Barking Orders.
But what does up must come down...

<Verse 3>
Thats It, I Quit
I just Want to be
Alone for a bit
Is That Too much to ask?
You And Your Slanderish Lies
And your Bloody Goobyes.
Most Fatal,Like a Moth To the flame
giving me the shame of your mess.


<slow Acoustic>
I know, You DidintMeen
To Be This Way.
I know its not your fault.
Time Can Take Its Toll...

Hope you like im not sure if its as good as my other ones and its alot longer
than them crit 4 crit and not too sure about title either
Posted by:forty-six_and_2
I molested a spider once...

Posted by:forty-six_and_2
Does anyone need tips on molesting a spider? PM me!I'll give advice on how to get the most pleasure out of it, Forty's Spider Molestation classes are now open!
I like the general idea of the song. I agree with you, though, the title is crap. Hmm... I'd think that some areas could do with some rhyming... Sounds good so far. Take some time and go through it again, try and make it better.
i dont really like this one. it seems pretty choppy, and was kinda cliched. your other songs are way better. 6/10